Find Your Adventure

I am a maker of things nerdy and fun. I make custom jewelry and crochet items for TTRPGs, cosplaying, and crafty purposes.

Become the Hero

Check out my store where you can buy fantastic gear for all of your adventuring needs. From cloaks to dice bags to functional jewelry pieces you're bound to find something to enhance your game and your life.

Custom Orders

All of my items are available as custom orders. I make wearable items, and lovely accessories.I am always up for a challenge, so if there's something you want that is not currently available in my store, let me know.For all custom orders, you can just click the link below to send me an e-mail!

Meet the Sheep

Silly Sheep Crochet is a one person business. My name is Alexia, and I am a bit of a nerd. I do a few different crafts, crochet, resin work, soap making, and jewelry crafting.
I am super excited that roleplaying games are becoming common, and that women are getting more involved in them.
Part of my goal is to create fun and useful items that will help people feel closer to their characters.